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Today’s Topic: Anybody Stuck?

Happy New Year!

For many of us, a new year represents time to pause, reflect, evaluate, regroup, write fresh goals, hope for forward motion and growth in a variety of areas. The latest trend is adopting a word for the year, rooted in a power verse from the Bible. These are admirable things to pay attention to.

With our lists in hand and the best intentions paired with willpower to move forward, we may just get our desired results this year. There is a sense of anticipation for all that is ahead. For high achievers, there are assessment tools, employee improvement plans, relational and personality profiles that serve to inform us of our strengths, weaknesses, areas for growth, stress responses and beyond.

Motivated towards growth, we march ahead, proclaiming, “Let’s Do This!

However, over time, we lose steam, experienced discouragement and return to familiar patterns of behavior with a sense of defeat. This defeat can often result in a mild to low grade despair. Accepting defeat as opposed to our desired outcome seems to be a common theme in our lives.

Over time, we become timid to dream again, think that life could get better thus we find ways to manage and survive our day-to-day life. We give up and return to what is familiar. How does this happen? What would it be like for you and I to know there is hope? Change is possible.

There is an explanation, that I will aim to simplify.

This is how to transform your life. Change is possible.

For each of us, our implicit and explicit core learnings have a way of determining our
thoughts and behaviors resulting in learned patterns, ways of relating, habits, hang ups, defenses, and beyond. It is these core learnings that either provide strength or limitations in our abilities to forge ahead. In the therapeutic process you can build strengths where there are deficits. This is how to transform your life. Change is possible.

You can get unstuck! It’s risky business. Without risk, there is no growth.

As your therapist, together we will work through your auto-biography. We will explore
life markers that serve to define your core learnings. We will process and bring into
awareness how these learnings have impacted your core resulting in patterns of
thinking and behaviors that may be less than desirable. Together, we will uncover
these patterns of behaviors that may nor may not be working for you. It is in processing these core learnings that deeper levels of healing are possible. We will build strengths where there are deficits. You will experience transformation in ways you did not know were possible.

Together, we will work to build resilience in your core structure.

Over time, self-awareness provides a way of accepting reality that you and I may be part of the problem in our condition of being stuck. With this in mind, the process moves us to explore and heal from the inside out. Exploring core learnings that have us stuck results in new freedoms. Forward motion is possible. It’s risky business.

Growth happens when you take the first move.

Get Unstuck in 2021.

Sherrie Leatherwood

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Want to chat more about this?

The counselors at The Christian Counseling Center at MorningStar provides faith based Christian counseling in Tampa and surrounding cities. We have counselors who specialize in all stages of life, including children counseling, teen counseling, marriage counseling, and individual counseling for various struggles such as anxiety, trauma, grief, narcissism and more. More information can be found on our website at

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